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All hardwood floors should be swept or vacuumed frequently since ground-in dirt can ruin their finish over time. 3. Up end a bucket or bowl over the acid to prevent fumes from the solution from escaping into the air. 2. Spray with a regular household cleaner to help aid the acid. By preventing and cleaning the rust stains from your vinyl floor, you can help keep it looking great for many years. Learning how to remove rust stains from vinyl flooring can help you save money and maintain a clean look throughout your home. Use the right products to clean up the rust stains as they form and get the longest life possible from your floor. Others might be called seal-treated, oil-treated or have a finish like a lacquer or shellac—these are less resistant to moisture than a floor that’s been surface-sealed. From basic home remedies to store bought concoctions, there are a few different ways to conquer pesky rustiness without having to replace your flooring. Best of all, we bring the entire store to your living room, so you don’t even have to leave the house. 3. Mop in the direction of the wood’s grain and when you’ve finished the entire area, fill the bucket with plain water and rinse.

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4. Make one final rinse and wipe with clean water, as vinegar can be very odorous and unwelcoming in a home. While it’s not hard to clean your vinyl floors, they can be damaged if not cared for properly. Tweet “Installing a vinyl floor is a serious DIY project that requires a lot of time and more than a little hard work. This is a lot more fun than all the other exercises. Try not to splash a lot of water on your floor. The best way to clean a vinyl floor is to stop it from getting dirty in the first place! Read on to learn how to clean hardwood floors, tile, carpet and more. With a million feet of in-stock flooring inventory, Express Flooring carries all the top brands of vinyl flooring, as well as a full range of laminate flooring, ceramic tile, carpet flooring, stone flooring, and hardwood flooring. Do you compare steam clean vs shampoo carpet cleaning methods? Clean spills immediately to prevent stains from setting in and causing long-term discoloration.

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Sweep or vacuum it every evening, and wipe up spills right away. And be sure to wipe spills quickly, so the liquid doesn’t have time to sink into the floor and cause damage. Using this type of standard bleach will discolor your floor’s design or cause yellow staining. In fact, one of the only types of bleach that can be used is the above mentioned wood bleach. To figure it out which one you have, run your finger across the wood floor. When removing your rust, try to avoid chlorinated floor cleansers. Why don’t you try cleaning the spot with a solution of water and bleach? Using regular bleach on vinyl can also cause issues, especially if the floor is colored, as it can create white splotches that cannot be undone. Oxalic acid can also be found in wood bleach. 2. Remember that wood and water don’t mix well (even if there’s a protective coating), so use a mop that’s damp, not dripping. Options include: primer and paint, wood stain with polyurethane varnish topcoat, or for a natural-wood look, only polyurethane. Do your research and make sure the stain remover you use is suitable for vinyl.

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If you want the vinyl to keep shining, you can use polish for no-wax floors. Note: Never use oil, wax or furniture polish spray on a sealed hardwood floor, as these products can leave the finish dull or slippery. Don’t use wax polish. Don’t walk on vinyl if you’re wearing certain types of high heels or cleats — these can scratch your floor. If you’re looking for quality vinyl flooring and you’re in or near Tucson or Phoenix, Arizona, you’ll want to call or phone Express Flooring for a free in-home estimate and design consultation. Our design consultants will bring you samples, swatches, and catalogs so you can choose the perfect flooring from the comfort of your living room. If you’re looking for a great flooring sale and installation deal and you live in the Phoenix or Tucson area, be sure to call or email Express Flooring for a free in-home flooring estimate and design consultation. Once you find what you’re looking for, we’ll give you one low flooring sale and installation price, so you’ll know exactly what you’re going to pay. Keep the faucet flow low whenever possible to prevent water droplets from hitting the ground.