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I figured out how we would get up and down the steps, but I didn’t factor in the three fat cats that live in this house. I purchased two packages of the plank flooring for $10 each and didn’t even use all of it. Use a ruler or measuring tape to size your hole. Then put a nice heavy coat on the wall around the hole. You have to look to see them, and I was sure to soak each hole with stain so you couldn’t see bare wood at all. I had the stain. As I mentioned – it’s a whole lot harder to get paint off stain than to cover stain with paint. If I had done the whole thing myself, it would have been a week or two, but that’s only because I’m completely nuts impatient. Other than the majority of the sanding, and the laying of the planks on the landing (which is installed just like beadboard, so I could have done it — but it was nice to have help!), I did the whole project myself, start to finish.

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Start by holding an ice pack or ice cube on the wax to harden it. My favorite method for removing wax from fabric using an iron and a paper bag could possibly be adapted to get the candle wax off your wall, but it could also discolor the wall so I would definitely test it on an inconspicuous part of the wall first (maybe behind a picture already hanging on the wall even if there’s no wax there just to see how the wall responds). You can see more pictures here! I had a “where can I sit?” rotation board with many flexible seating options, but they always had a home “base” of a desk to keep their materials and for lunch and art. Or how lunch would happen or painting in art. With this 1/2 brush of paint, make your first ‘swipe’ of the brush in an area that is away from the straight edge, in this case since you are painting with the ceiling white paint, you can make you first ‘swipe’ right on the ceiling.

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Our kitchen, guest bedroom, and nursery are all done in flat paint. Some of the white paint did bleed through on the stain just a bit, and although it wasn’t bad at all, I wanted to try to fix it. You could actually see where the stain wore right off the paw as it went across the landing though, so by the time they got to the other side, the stain was gone. I don’t mind it, but I may pull it up to see what the edge of the flooring looks like there. For now, you don’t really notice it, so I’m not going to worry about it. I would do it at the end of the night so you don’t have to go up or down at all. With wide grout lines they have no competition. Until recently, a large number of tile fixers have shied away from the installation and drilling of porcelain tiles due its perceived difficulty. Glass bathroom tile designs don’t need to be full wall installations either. Yet another good reason to hire out rather than tackling such a large job on your own is having multiple rooms in need of fresh paint and texturing or having small children or pets that could interrupt or disrupt the process.

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I hope this helps those of you who are thinking about trying it out! I didn’t sand the other planks at all and they turned out great! I’m SO glad I didn’t fill these. Once I get the molding done on the walls I’ll be sure to share updated pictures! So I use a damp rag to wipe down the walls before I paint. I was surprised to find I could just use a razor to scrape it off – lightly of course. With a bit of hard work, you will be certain to get the security deposit back as you hand over the keys to your property manager. Now that you have seen some designers’ ideas, you can start to play with the colors, sizes, shapes, scales, materials, finishes and patterns of your backsplash-countertop combination until you get it right. Home ImprovementWhether you’re renovating an existing area in your home or office yourself or with the help of an interior designer, start browsing for blinds and shutters for a quick, affordable and hassle-free option to upgrade the look of any space – minus a costly renovation! There was just so much more space.

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