Everything’s bigger in Taxes

What the heck are all these taxes on your bill?  The fact is that the local control are hiding taxes in your bar bill, we just show them to you.

Our register system displays all taxes as individual line items (except the blanket B’ham/Jeffco/Al 10%).  As such it sometimes leaves people wondering why there are so many taxes on their tab.  The answer in simplest form is that Birmingham and Jefferson county are taxing you for drinking alcohol.  Interestingly, they actually tax you even more for doing so in a restaurant rather than a straight bar, like 41st Street Pub & Aircraft Sales, which has no kitchen (not a whole lot more, but more).  That last part I cannot rationalize, but it is true.  After the maths are done your total tax burden on a can of beer or a cocktail is over 21%.  Birmingham isn’t alone in this tactic.  You’ll find that most cities in Alabama play this game on your desire to sin with yer evil drinkin’ ways.   If you need to find me I’ll be at the bar helping to pad our City Council’s travel budget.



P.S. If anyone wants to approach the local governments about these dorky taxes I’m happy to get on board, but I wouldn’t expect much traction.