Rowe’s Open Late!

We are excited to announce that Rowe’s is now open late from 11pm until 2am Thursday, Friday & Saturday!  We’ve put together a special late night menu with perfect late night grub paired with drink specials to wash them down.  Perfect for after a concert, an after work meal, or just when you want to[…]

Oyster Patio Party 11-12-16

We are excited about inviting you all over to Rowe’s on Saturday, November 12, 2016 after brunch for a patio party!  Mark is one mother of a shucker and we’ll have some nice cold-water oysters available.  He’ll be grilling a few of them for you to try as well as serving up some house made[…]

Patio Improvements!

We’re always listening and trying to improve the customer experience here at Rowe’s.  To that end, you’ve probably noticed that we have been slowly replacing our patio chairs with better, more comfy ones.  We have also added a wall to one end of the patio for enhanced coziness and…..(drum roll) NEW LIGHTING!  Yes, now you[…]

Weekday Blue Plate Special in Full Effect

That about sums it up….Monday-Tuesday we’re starting with country fried steak, baby limas & mashed potatoes with a yeast roll. Wed-Thursday is beef tips and rice (yum), and a fish special on Fridays.  Come in and try them, they will change every week, next up is Red Beans/Rice with Smoked Andouille Sausage…..they are quite delish[…]

Weekday breakfast ending

We’re going to be ending the weekday breakfast service as of today. After much thought we decided that we wanted to focus on keeping our brunch strong and our daily lunch/dinner services the best possible for our customers, which requires a good deal of time. To that end we decided to sacrifice poor breakfast at[…]

Crawfish & Cans this Saturday (2-26-16)

Yes!  Having recently learned that Mark, our very beloved Kitchen boss, is a crawfish expert, we told him to prove it and gave the man a blank check.  Saturday afternoon/evening after regular brunch service we’ll be lighting the cooker and doing this. It will be served family style outside….fixed price. There will be beer specials[…]

Everything’s bigger in Taxes

What the heck are all these taxes on your bill?  The fact is that the local control are hiding taxes in your bar bill, we just show them to you. Our register system displays all taxes as individual line items (except the blanket B’ham/Jeffco/Al 10%).  As such it sometimes leaves people wondering why there are[…]