A Few Things About Canned Beer

So, you have probably noticed that we serve beers/ciders exclusively in cans.  This was something that I decided to do early on for several reasons, but mostly because I actually prefer beer in cans.  The fact is that you should,  too.  Why?  Well, because science, that’s why!  You’ll find that the majority of new craft brewers are switching to cans, too, because cans are easier to manage and because they keep light out of the beer.  Light kills beer, so this is a good thing.  Cans also seal against oxygen intrusion and retain carbonation just as well as bottles.  And canning is more expensive than bottling, so it must be worth it.  Another myth is that beer from a can tastes “metally.” Drink it out of a glass (which we have for you) and this doesn’t happen because your mouth parts aren’t on the metal can.  Cans are also lined to prevent the beer from contacting the metal in any way because modern cans are so thin that the beer would actually eat through them before they hit the shelves.

Another thing to think about:   A KEG IS A GIANT CAN.  That draft beer you love so much (as do I) is just beer from a big can.  Kegs derive no extra carbonation or pizzazz from being pressurized, either, so a can is actually just about the best way to enjoy fresh beer.  Possibly even better than draft because (and I assure you of this) many (read: most) draft systems are not properly maintained. So, come on in and try a delicious, crisp, can of barley pop…..bring a friend and share your knowledge of its various vessels!