Patty Melt is LIVE!

Yes, folks, we’re rolling on the patty melt and sales yesterday were solid…which means that people are liking this thing.  It is ground Hereford  chuck with caramelized onions, white american cheese and is served on grilled Texas toast.  It sidles up to gourmet and gently bats its eyelashes.  Good stuff.  You’ll be happy to hear[…]

Valentine’s Brunch Hours 10-2?

So, we’re really going to play this by ear depending on how busy we are for brunch today.  Since we’re going almost totally off the menu for tonight’s Valentine’s dinner, Mark and the crew need time to get things prepped.  The prime rib rested, the equipment tidied up for perfect grouper grilling, the glaze prepped[…]

Rowe’s Patty Melt? YEP!

We’re always keeping things moving around here.  We were looking at the steak meat that goes in to our burger patties and got to wondering just how awesome it would be in a patty melt.  The answer is “pretty awesome!”  Our electrician was in the joint when Mark rolled it out for us to try[…]