Feeder Fish Rescue

You have no idea how deep our compassion runs…..UNTIL NOW!  Rowe’s has instituted a rescue program for those darling, little fish that people feed to their pet snakes, sharks, turtles, etc.  For just $1 you can put one of these adorable gals to work dancing around right at your table and prolong the happy swimming[…]

A Few Things About Canned Beer

So, you have probably noticed that we serve beers/ciders exclusively in cans.  This was something that I decided to do early on for several reasons, but mostly because I actually prefer beer in cans.  The fact is that you should,  too.  Why?  Well, because science, that’s why!  You’ll find that the majority of new craft[…]

“Best brunch in Bham!”

A fine customer left us that feedback today after a brunch visit.  Brunch always earns us high marks and we have so much fun serving it up.  We’ve been working hard on the vibe in the room; keeping things fun and making sure that everyone is not only having the best damned food in the[…]